Coffee, tea…and 2020! [Ooops, this is being rewritten]

UPDATE: I am re-writing this book so it has a new title and theme already. Please wait for my revisions here soon!

Hello! Welcome and thank you for dropping by.

Literally, 2020 is for the books!

We have been shoved, whacked, kicked (ouch!), and for the luckier ones, sweetly slapped (a little bit ouch!).

Who would have thought that we’d reach that time when many of us will be left jobless, or working from home (wearing pajamas or Mickey Mouse shirts), or somewhere between being unemployed and half-employed.

Tell me your story and maybe we can run a Part 2 of this book! I dare you. Game? But first, some coffee or tea, please!

Seriously, 2020 is not something to laugh about. We all struggled, grieved, and worried (even until now). I get you, bro / sis. Please know that I am with you—in my piggy pyjamas or borrowed shorts from my hubby—imagining that infront of this screen is a beautiful soul. Whether you’re a man, woman, LGBTQ, or even a dog or a cat pretending to be human (or vice versa), I truly know you are here for a reason and that somehow, we are meant to share this moment.

Today, know that you have a new friend. I truly mean that. I’m not saying this as a part of a marketing campaign. Of course, I hope you will buy this book but more than the sales, I care a lot that you will read this book, cover to cover. And that it will move you. And that you can pass it on. Or ask a friend to go get a copy. Even better, buy you a copy! (Go ahead, send her/him this link!)

Because if there’s one thing that 2020 taught me—shared pains are more bearable. Just knowing that someone truly cares already means a lot. This may just be one of those books but at least to you and me—this is a pact. That after reading this book, you promise to be wiser and stronger, and yet, kinder to yourself.

Remember that I love you. We may not really know each other but we may have met down the street. Or maybe in a previous lifetime (or lifetimes!). No matter what the circumstances may be, my love is the Big Love out there.

From the same love comes the desire to birth this book. This was actually inspired by one of those amusing memes/eCards where someone was supposed to jump out of a time machine but decided against it because he was told the year was 2020!

And so, through this book, I am sharing my musings as the country and the world are in lockdown–some funny, some serious–but hopefully wise and useful for you, not just during this pandemic and under the new normal but also throughout all the seasons of our magical life.

Remember, we shall all RISE and rock together from this! (And yes, 2021 brings hope!)

P.s. Do watch this page or Anna’s Trees & Innovations as we’re now seeding! We’ve been delayed by Covid 19 (among other life ‘upheavals’, lol, that seems to be an understatement) but seriously, we’re excited to share that among the four pillars /initiatives of Anna’s Trees & Innovations is One Mandala Creatives & Communications, which will focus on publications (books galore), arts, and culture.

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