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13:13 Healing Toward Magical Living, A Soulful Journey of 13 Women, A 13-Month Planner

Gargi Ray Chakraborty

Gargi Ray Chakraborty

Gargi was born and raised in India – the land of Sanatan Dharma or eternal laws that govern life. A Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra practitioner and instructor, she is a work-in-progress, seeking her goals in this lifetime and currently trying to decode Upanishads and the Bhagwad Gita. Gargi believes all souls are part of the divine and interconnected, and she wishes to become a grief counselor someday helping people navigate through loss

In Bangalore, she nurtures 9 dogs (all adopted), more than 250 plants, and a small ecosystem that includes, fish, insects, fruit bats, sunbirds, and frogs (and probably more).  She is actively involved in animal welfare and is one of the founding members of a registered trust, which aids individual animal rescuers in India. She also volunteers for under-privileged children (via storytelling activities), is interested in AI (artificial intelligence), and dabbles in watercolor painting.

Gargi is a communications, PR, and advertising professional with extensive work with global brands. She is currently working on and accepting projects in content development and editing.

To know more about Gargi, please visit her blog or Instagram account.

Kaye Cambare

Kaye is based in Manila, Philippines and truly gifted in the arts department. This book and 13-moon planner certainly becomes more special because of her beautiful, magical, and dreamy illustrations—truly borne from the heart.

Kaye works as a social media manager and writer by day, working with a wonderful vegan in YouTube, and lettering and illustration artist by night. She used to work in the development sector right after college, particularly in gender-related work, but eventually found her true calling—and took the brave move in 2019. As Kaye continues to build her portfolio, we are immensely grateful to work with her on this project and excited to share her magic with you!

To see her awesomeness and uplifting works, please visit her Instagram account.

Lauryn Lavandula

Lauryn is a modern medicine woman currently based in the US. She offers Embodiment and Life Coaching. Her mission is to empower you to heal your relationship with yourself as you become liberated and awakened!

Lauryn focuses on spiritual and intuitive development by listening to the wisdom of your body. She incorporates the blessings of shadow work and reconnecting with your inner child, as you integrate into your wholeness. Lauryn guides you back home to yourself, so you may find the answers you seek within.

If you wish to know more about Lauryn and her amazing work, please visit her Instagram page.

Mary Anne Velas-Suarin

Anna (or Mei to some of her friends) hails from the Philippines and had been blessed with the experience of living in Bangladesh and Cambodia before settling down.

Her life journey is a tapestry of career milestones (mostly in the environment and social development sector), travels, creative pursuits, magic and serendipity. Of course, the depth of one’s experiences could only be made more meaningful by challenges–hers had been spiced with dark nights of the soul—deepening her appreciation that one’s awakening is not always about “love and light.” In pursuing a mindful existence, Anna enjoys visual arts (especially painting), photography, crystals, literature, runic divination, deep research, and meditation. Believing in intuitive and energy healing, she has trained in Pranic and Reiki healing and Swedish Massage therapy.

An environmental specialist and entrepreneur, she is seeding Anna’s Trees & Innovations and among its four pillars is EL RIO Bamboo in Aurora, Philippines, her mother’s hometown. Through Anna’s Trees & Innovations, they are also establishing Integrity Institute—envisioned to nurture children into becoming mindful, compassionate, and high-integrity leaders, lawyers, doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

To collaborate with Anna, please visit this link. To view her art and photography works, please visit her Instagram page.

Sin Mariani

Born and raised in sunny down under, Sin is a channel, healer, energy worker and evolution guide. Truly emanating light, her love of the sea, sun, nature, and humanity is her soul filler and brings a smile to her heart daily.

In establishing her business, Downloading Light, several years ago, the initial goal was simply to create a platform to share loving and wise insights unconditionally. Ultimately, as she shared, “I connect to the Divine to provide pure guidance for individuals (private sessions) and humanity (group workshops/seminars). The puzzle pieces of former careers have come together cohesively—I realise the gifts from being a performer, singer, musician, designer, trainer and leader in the not-for-profit now assist all that I do.” 

Currently completing a counselling course at the university, Sin continues with client work including weekly online meditation group, providing magical guided meditations infused with energy that support self-healing. Sin reminds us that, “We are all here to remember that we are love itself and loved in every moment. To share such important messages with others is a privilege.”

To get to know her and how she can assist you, please visit Downloading Light and her Instagram account.

Thi Thai Tran

Thi Thai hails from a Vietnamese lineage, born in Thailand, and raised and lives in France. She also lived in China for a few years.

She has had beautifully evolved in this lifetime—beginning her career as a biotechnology engineer, later progressing to graphic design and art therapy, and currently pursuing a course in psychology. One can sense her to be an old soul although she admits that she is still finding her way here on Earth. This led her to an awakening journey, fully embracing and inhabiting her body—eventually bringing her to discover more about the 12-chakra system. This, she believes, is the interface between our physical and soul bodies, allowing us to fully align, and eventually heal.

To know more about Thi Thai’s body of work, please visit her website, Sisters of Revolution, and its Instagram account.

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