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I am currently working on two books.

The first one is tentatively titled, Healing Toward a Magical Living, A Soulful Journey with 13 Women, A 13-Moon Planner/Synchronometer.

This is envisioned to be a Book-Planner that will be birthed by 13 women—all of us coming from different countries, experiences, and backgrounds, reaching out to share stories of healing and empowerment. We have common struggles–separation, grief, death, physical, mental, and emotional challenges, poverty, hopelessness…yet, we are all survivors! Each has a STORY to tell. A story of courage, of triumph. And that story can help you and someone you love. This is an opportunity to really look into ourselves, get to know our mission more, share our triumphs from the dark days (shadow work), our personal/spiritual evolution, and in the process–HELP and SUPPORT you.

A “bonus” is that this will also carry a planner, following our natural and galactic calendar.

Image credits: The prototype design of the book cover is my work but backdrop is a portion of a work by Mr. Putu Gede Surya Krisna [@suryakrisnaa_ in Instagram], used with permission.

To know more about the authors, please go to this link.

The second one is not really my ‘first’ solo book–I authored/co-authored books before in line with my environment & social development profession–but this is my first book when it comes to my other hat (as it links to the collective’s creative pursuits and spiritual growth). I’m still working on the manuscript and hope to share more when this site is fully revamped. In the meantime, I am sharing some of my authored /co-authored works below.


Two of my co-authored works are published by the Asian Development Bank in 2013. A third one shown here is published by the Department of Health with support from The World Bank. The links to the download page are provided below.

Guidebook on Public-Private Partnership in Hospital Management – is a useful tool for local governments that wish to establish a PPP in hospital project/venture. I’m an advocate of universal health care (UHC) and while I got paid writing this, it was also a passion project for me and I hope that through this link, it cam reach as many local governments as possible. PPP has also been receiving bad publicity–some naysayers say it is just privatization–but I hope you can dig deeper and understand that, if done right, this can help address efficiency and transparency issues in government health facilities.

This (and the book below) had been featured in the PPP Legal Resource Center page of The World Bank. You can find the feature here.

Book cover design is by Glenn Marcelo.

Guidebook on Public-Private Partnership in Pharmacy – similar to the above book, this is also meant for local governments hoping to establish PPP in pharmacy services.

As we know, due to procurement laws, many hospitals sometimes deal with stocking/inventory issues. This often leads to out-of-pocket expenses because patients are forced to buy medicines outside the facilities. Therefore, the noble intents of UHC is impacted if patients–especially the poorest–will always be forced to spend for medicines using their own funds, which are oftentimes borrowed or solicited from government offices.

PPP as a mechanism is not perfect but when done with the best intents and benefiting from best practices from all over the world, it can help governments respond more effectively and efficiently to the health requirements of the people. COVID-19, for example, is turning out to be very difficult for affected governments. PPP can definitely help improve resilience of public health care systems not just in ordinary times but also in the face of pandemics.

A copy of the book is also available from this link.

Book cover design is by Glenn Marcelo.

Our health is intertwined with our physical environment and the emergence of COVID-19 clearly albeit sadly proves this point.

The Guidebook for a Zero Open Defecation Program is a useful reference for local governments that wish to establish sustainable sanitation systems particularly through zero open defecation programs.

A copy of the book may be downloaded from this link.

Book cover is by FolksLikeUs Graphics.

Renewable energy is also among my advocacies so I have authored authored articles about it over the years. I have not really authored a whole book about it yet but for this one below (Guidebook for Developing Sustainable Rural Renewable Energy Services), I was assigned as the style editor. I also authored the Foreword as well as the first parts of the background section. I even mentioned Diarabasin, Aurora there, the place where my Mom taught for many years.

The road to a more sustainable future requires cleaner fuels and energy systems. Published in 2001, this is likely among the ‘trailblazers’ (at least in the Philippines) in giving communities more practical knowledge products, which will guide them in developing stand-alone RE-based electricity systems.

The book is also available for download from this link.

Graphic design by Lillette De Lara (sorry, I am not sure if she also did the cover page).

For more details on my writing portfolio, my Google Scholar page may be found here.

Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (via Springer Nature)

I also have authored two encyclopedia entries /chapters in this SDG series. Details are below.

Velas-Suarin M.A.M. (2020) The Role of Inclusive Transport in Pursuit of Sustainable Development. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A.M., Brandli L., Lange Salvia A., Wall T. (eds) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham. DOI.

Velas-Suarin M.A.M. (2021) Labor Migration: Issues and Challenges in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A.M., Brandli L., Lange Salvia A., Özuyar P.G., Wall T. (eds) Reduced Inequalities. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham. DOI.

[Note: This is not a paid post. I am an independent author and not officially connected with Springer Nature.]