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Here, our stories intertwine.

I look forward to knowing more about your story and your take on certain issues as I also share mine. I have recently reconstructed this site but most if not all of my write-ups are still here. Many of the articles and blog posts here are based on my work and advocacy (with extensive use of references) while some are personal insights on our human and spiritual experiences as both an individual and as a collective.

To make it easy to search through the posts over the years, please use the drop-down menu. You may also see the quick links to the latest posts below. If you wish for me to write about specific topics, please reach out!

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Please always remember, you are a divine and sovereign being and you are supported. Flourish and soar!

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What is your story?

You are a divine and sovereign being. In your DNA is the design and imprint of God-source-supreme being (in whatever name you may call this infinite force). How could you doubt your power and divinity? You are here on a mission and are guided.

With the changing of seasons, trust that you are becoming wiser, richer, and braver.

Live fully, have fun, and laugh (even at yourself!)

Imagine writing the story of your life. You want it to be candid; let it be an unforgettable read. Live with no regret. Stay in love with your life, with every single day.

Most of all, live mindfully and joyfully—even if that’s not always easy. There will always be surprises and detours. Yet, you could decide to sail through them, no matter the raging storms, because you are built of unbelievable hope and courage. From every grief, you open your heart to even greater depth of joy and bliss.

Be happy. You deserve it.

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