Opportunities for Cocreation

Hello, kumusta ka? (How are you?)

I was born in the Philippines, spent a couple of years in Bangladesh and Cambodia, and currently cocreating in Metro Manila.

What’s your vision? What moves you? 

There’s no such thing as utopia but we could work together for a shared future where there are food, jobs, and opportunities for everyone. And that’s possible if we remember who we are (infinite beings) and use our talents and voices in building sustainable and resilient communities.

Our shared future is green and sustainable.

Project design and management in the environment and social development sector require deeply-seated commitment to that future. I can help you and your organization design, manage, and monitor high-impact projects in the following sectors/areas:

  • Environment, sustainability, climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience
  • Agriculture
  • Social development and public health (including PPP in health)
  • Energy /renewable energy
  • Transportation (with focus on mobility)

Our shared future requires transformative education, policies, and culture.

Transformation begins with the heart; we are shaped by our upbringing, education, and environment. The path toward change requires decision-making and positive action that are fueled by not only evidence and science, but also courage and integrity. By collaborating in the following areas, we can definitely make a lasting and meaningful impact:

  • Program design and management 
  • Environmental impact assessment, feasibility studies
  • Policy review, development, and advocacy
  • Knowledge management, communications, PR & marketing (including PR crisis management)
  • Capacity development (coaching, curriculum development, and training)
  • Organizational development, change management

Our shared future needs an embodiment of courage, harmony, and creativity.

I’m humbled that I’ve learned so much from those before me. (And will definitely learn from you, too!) Together, we can uplift others but do remember—we need YOU flourishing and soaring because that’s who you are! An empowered, supported, and unique being. I offer the following services to support your journey:

  • Empowerment and creative coaching (individual and group /organizational)
  • Intuitive and energy healing (based on Reiki, Pranic, and crystals)
  • Divination (at the moment, based on Runes; currently studying I Ching)

Our shared future is fulfilling, art-filled, inspired, and abundant.

What is life without art? We are writing our story and each page is beautiful and inspiring. We’re soaring like eagles, listening to and singing songs, writing poetry, and living a meaningful life. Allow me to celebrate your milestones. I can be commissioned to cocreate:

  • Art works especially paintings and mandala art (both traditional and digital)
  • Framed prints and photography works (please visit my Instagram page)
  • Interior styling and decoration 

Want to know more about my milestones and how yours can can connect with mine? Please go here.

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City. [Images by Anna Velas-Suarin]

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