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Appeal for donations for a cab driver who lost his home

Hubby and I are appealing for donations (better if in kind) for a cab driver who lost his home (and everything else) in Cainta during Ondoy’s floods. He is married with 4 children (I think 3 of whom are still in school). His children lost all their school supplies including their uniforms.

We met him while we were on the way to a party in Tandang Sora. He has no cellphone (it was carried by the floods also) but we can reach him through his taxi company: ABC Taxi. He didn’t ask for any help, it was hubby and I who offered to do a little something for him.

Anyway, if you have spare things that you can give to them, please email me ( for pledges. For better organizing of the “gifts” also, we will list down all the things that they might need, so we also don’t give too much of one thing over the other.

1. Food (preferably, canned goods or those na pwedeng magtagal)

2. Clothes for him & his wife

3. Clothes for his sons & daughters (I think 2 are girls) – we were not able to ask actual sizes but we’re sure that the women are in their teens already because he mentioned about being worried to allow them to go to relief centers to ask for food because they may get harrassed (yeah, sadly, we also hear of some horror stories about women being mashed while falling in line for food).

4. Towels

5. Beddings & blankets

6. Pillows and pillow cases

7. School supplies (two already pledged on this so this so try to concentrate on the other items)

8. Toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothaste, toothbrushes

9. Slippers (shoes are better but I don’t know the sizes so hold this for a while)

10. Plates, spoons and forks, glasses

11. Laundry soap

12. Umbrellas, raincoats

13. Flashlight, candles

14. Medicines & first-aid kit (basic only like paracetamol, band-aid, betadine etc)

15. Cooking utensils like pots & pans ( I think he is planning to buy a charcoal stove na)

16. Rosary or prayer kit? (hindi ko alam if they are Catholic so baka it’s better na “inspirational” book in Tagalog?)

17. For those who have hardware stores – building materials (but hold muna kasi kukunin ko pa din ang address nya)

You can add on the  list. We might have forgotten some stuffs.

Please email me for your pledges and how do you intend to send them over. They can be sent to our home.

If you can also, please forward this blog to your trusted friends (or repost in your blogs). 🙂

Thank you in advance for all your kindness and support! May God bless you all!!!

Love and prayers,

JR & Mei


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