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Silang’s Little Secret: Abundant Cafe

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My UP friends (Rory and Jinky), hubby, and I went on a quick trip to Tagaytay yesterday and we were gifted once again with a fun-filled and beautiful day. Tagaytay is one of my favorite places in the whole world and the quick trip yesterday sealed my resolve to own a place there someday (may God give us the abundance to make that dream house happen!).

And speaking of “abundance,” Rory led us to an added treat by bringing us to Abundant Cafe in Silang, Cavite.

A view of the (eternally) open door to one of the huts where glorious food and drinks are served.

It was the first time for me, hubby, and Jinky to visit the place so we even if we were still full from the hearty lunch we had at Leslie’s by the Ridge, we heartily gobbled up the dessert which Rory recommended. It is the traditional palitaw but it was served with a cute red flower on top and other garnishing that I really thought it was not thepalitaw that I used to enjoy in my childhood days! Here are some snapshots so you can imagine how yummy it really is…

Yes, this is our traditional palitaw with a “twist.” And yes, the flower on top is edible!

I also liked the net-like cloth that the Cafe uses to cover the glasses.

See the pretty glass covers that protect your drinks from bugs!

The Cafe is also selling native/ethnic bags, pillows, canopies, mats, curtains, and those trinkets (of shells and stones) that you can see in the photos here. It was really tempting to buy all those trinkets…well, actually, I bought 3 pieces and now they are hanging already from the top threshold of our bedroom door (courtesy of dear hubby).

The lovely stringed trinkets made of shells and stones.

The trinkets you see on the photo below are almost the same with the ones I bought. They are also used as hanging decors and they complemented the ethnic and cozy look of the cafe. By the way, the walls of the cafe’s huts are made, not of woods or concrete, but of net-like cloths! So the breeze from outside provides a natural ventilation. Hmm, this ‘green’ design is something we all can learn from particularly if you want to have small “siesta” huts in your gardens.

I also liked the lampshade mostly made of capiz shells. And look at the way they made the hut cooler by putting more net-like cloth beneath the ceiling.

We were also served piping hot cups of chocolate drinks, the same one served by my dear Lola when I was still a young child. I fondly called her, “Nanay”, back when she was still alive and sometimes I still miss her.  Perhaps the afternoon with hubby and my good friends yesterday was also Nanay’s way of reminding me that she will always be around as long as there are still hot chocolate cups to be enjoyed.

Here, you can have a very relaxing cup of hot chocolate!

We ended our merienda with a drink of hot water infused with tarragon herbs. I did not even know that tarragon herbs can actually be used as a tea concoction! Thanks to the soul and creativity of the place and its owners, we left Tagaytay with more good feelings, grateful for the ‘abundance’ of this universe, the strong friendships that we have forged over the years, and the limitless joys that life always brings.

Have a good life!


Abundant Cafe and Handicrafts

220 Bypass Rd., Aguinaldo Hi-way, Tubuan II, Silang, Cavite, Philippines. Tels. 0918 431 6973/ 0928 364 0563 (Look for Ms. Cecil Guela Caño).


Photos taken through my HTC PDA/Mobile Phone. This is not a paid blog.

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