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The meiLBOX 5+1 Project is now in Instagram!

Hello dear readers! I am happy to let you know that  The meilBOX 5+1 Project is now in Instagram (IG)! We can now swap updates and photos there! Here is the link.

I used to enjoy Facebook but I think that Instagram suits me better. For one, I do enjoy photography and being in Instagram allows us to share pictures as well as savor the beautiful work of other photo buffs. Thanks to my hubby and business partner, JR, I was able to learn how IG works! The use of hashtags was so “beyond me” at first but IG is worth the learning curve. Just seeing all those beautiful sites and photos make it worthwhile! Thanks to you guys and gals who created and continue to make IG a free platform for sharing and inspiring creativity.

Here is a couple of the first pictures that I posted there.

See this and other pictures of trees in the meilBOX 5+1 Project IG page. [Photo by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin]

Have you planted a tree recently? Let’s swap stories. Join me in my Instagram page! [Photo by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin]

meiLBOX 5+1 Project_IG post-4

To love and to hold. [Photo by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin]

Since The meilBOX 5+1 Project is about trees and letter-writing, I would be posting mostly pictures that I have taken of trees. [UPDATE as of Jan 2017: I realized it is better to include other subjects as well and make it a personal gallery page instead].

I will continue to use the site in sharing the pictures of tree-lovers and letter-writers who will participate in this project. If you are among them, please send me your pictures* (via the email addresses I had indicated in the project’s page here) and/or you can directly tag me through IG. You can do this by adding @the.meilbox.project and #meilbox in your IG post.

I will also appreciate it a lot if you can help me in passing the word around about this project. The more people who knows about this, the more letters we can send, the more love we can express and share, and the more trees we can plant!

Please help me in making this a greener, healthier, and happier world! Namaste!




*You can share/post any of these pictures: (i) a picture showing you in the post office as you mailed your letters/postcards; (ii) a picture showing the stamped letters that you are sending out (please don’t take a picture unless you are already in the post office and are actually sending the letters out); and (iii) a picture of you planting a tree.


This is not a paid blog. (I do not ask for any donation but I hope you can plant a tree on your birthday/s.)

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