Anna Velas-Suarin

A letter for future lawyers

Dear future lawyer,

I am writing this so we won’t forget—the law finds meaning in its implementation. Without courage to protect and implement it, it becomes a mere lip service, bereft of a soul.

Law school is a place where I found an even deeper longing for wisdom as well some awakening disparities. The more I walk this path, the more I am being led to the building of Integrity Institute, where the pursuit of transformation will be embraced–like a long-lost beloved.

May this be a gentle reminder—do not ever think you have no power over your education, life, and choices. You are the future. You are allowed to co-pave the path of your pedagogy because you alone are responsible for how you will live your life and how you must participate in the co-creation of our shared future.

And so, do not fear to speak your voice (even if you are alone) and offer your dreams and thoughts to those who are willing to listen. They may not be a multitude (at first) but who needs the uncommitted crowd and the naysayers? Extraordinary things come from the minds of the courageous.

Honor the legacy of the past but do not succumb to inertia of what is safe and comfortable. Disrupt things. While honoring the past, we can still break traditions, especially those that prevent us from expanding into our highest potential.

As what Dylan Thomas wrote,

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas, 1947

The world outside is grieving, yet, there is hope. We are suffering from a pandemic but the promise of healing never leaves. Corruption is eating into the fiber of our society but you, future lawyers, you are going to be protectors of the law and you shall work toward the creation of a high-integrity future.

And so, today, ask yourself this question,

“Where am I going and will that place be where I will become a master of my own destiny or will I succumb to fear and complacency, too?”

I implore you—please believe that you can co-create a better world–a society of peace, justice, integrity, and prosperity–for all.

However, let me shake you up, too. With the faith is the courage and will to be an agent of change. Change cannot find its fulfilment without a vision and a roadmap. Step out of your comfort zone. Be brave, yet, respect others who may have different opinions from you. Do not be a bully–within and outside the classroom.

Read. Read a lot of books, opinions, insights, even poetry and literature. Learn from your mentors but do not always accept blindly what they tell you. Dare to ask questions. Do not let them put you inside a box. Thank them for their experience but, remember, you are no longer a child. (This is not to disrespect children for they have their own minds, too.) Let your wisdom–earned from pains and triumphs–guide you. Use it to make a difference. Fly, soar, like an eagle.

Most of all, don’t forget to celebrate your life. Live! Do not sacrifice your health and wellness. What’s the point of topping the class when you are already sick? Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Watch the sunset! Dance in the rains. Embrace your partner and children…and even your dogs or cats!

The classroom is a place for learning; but it should not lead you to a hospital bed.

Remember, the world needs you alive. And so, decide that today, you are truly living, joyfully, mindfully, and intend to make every day count.

Be a good lawyer for the country, for the world. You cannot be that human being if you treat yourself unkindly. Never allow injustice and corruption to flourish.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Most of all, be a beacon of courage and transformation, so that others may see the light, too.

Love and blessings,


(Your fellow future lawyer)

P.s. I am advocating for transformation in law pedagogy. If you are interested to support this advocacy, please do read this article and/or reach out.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light (Dylan Thomas, 1947). Image by M. Velas-Suarin.


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