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April lets you walk on sunshine

April lets me walk on sunshine_Meilbox_lo-resHello, beautiful people!

This is my first post for the month so as usual, there is a little art work that goes with it. This is rather quick (again!) as I had used pentel pens only and painted directly on paper, skipping the initial pencil-sketching stage. As I had shared early this year, I wanted to go back to sketching again and perhaps by doing these very quick drawings, I’d be able to paint seriously again.

What moves you about April? It’s usually among the hottest months in this part of the world but what is there not to love about having sunshine everyday?! So go ahead, indulge yourself to some quiet time under the shade of your favorite tree, head to the beach or forest, or maybe read a book in a nice little corner with your cool drink.

Yesterday, our class in Sustainable Tourism Development (I am completing my master’s course work in UPOU) had a chat with our mentor and our discussions covered Sagada. I won’t preempt my next post (upcoming!) but please remember to be caring and considerate when you’re doing your R & R this summer break.  Let’s always be  nice tourists and travelers, ok?

Walk on sunshine!


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