Anna Velas-Suarin

Happy birthday, JOSE RIZAL

Happy birthday to me and our beloved her, GAT JOSE RIZAL!

You have a HERO inside you.

Now is a good time to love our country more. Don’t forget, we can change presidents every six years. But the FLAG remains.

Please love our country more, a little more each day.

Every mindless or unfounded rant–no matter how well-intentioned–hurts OUR COUNTRY more, less our government bureaucrats.

Don’t forget: destabilizers love and will further feed our mindless ranting, blaming, and you-against-me propaganda. Draw power within. We can be the CHANGE that we want.

Most of all, you have a HERO inside you. Do not let it die nor falter. If you have ONE chance to do something GOOD for others, please do it.

I celebrate the HERO in you.

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