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March forward

March forward...and realize your dreams! [Sketch and calligraphy by M. Velas-Suarin]

March forward…and realize your dreams! [Sketch and calligraphy by M. Velas-Suarin]

Happy month of March,  dear friends and blog readers!

I am doing my best to keep the promise to post a sketch or painting before the start of each month so here is a quick one for March! For this sketch and simple calligraphy work, I used a B4 nib only. I like how versatile a B4 is. For beginners like me, it is really very easy to use. I finished the sketch above in less than 10 minutes!

I hope that the month of March will be good and joyful for you! In the Philippines, we are at the beginning of the hot summer months.  Although, technically, we really have no “summer”–being in the tropical zone–March is a fun-filled time of the year with many graduating from school, running to the beach, and simply savoring lots of sunshine.

I remember my childhood when we would play “patintero” or  “taguan” on an evening of a summer full moon.  🙂 I hope the young (and even the not-so-young) people of today will rediscover those simple joys of outdoor games – and the chance to really run and play outside in full abandon (and perhaps forgetting about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a while?).

Well, this will just be a brief post. Remember, “March” forward with your dreams, knowing that inside you is a beautiful and brave soul.


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