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Two beautiful words are at the heart of my guiding philosophy—ikigai and meraki.

Ikigai allows us to live joyfully and mindfully while meraki reminds us to fulfill our mission (including work and career)

with a sense of purpose and gratitude. From this philosophy, there is an invitation toward self-mastery and fulfillment

while dedicating one’s life toward service and a vision bigger than one’s self. 

I support VISIONARIES and CHANGE MAKERS like you

through high-impact project design and management, training, knowledge and communications, and policymaking.

I’m also an intuitive artist, photographer, reiki healer, and interior design student.

In every work that I do, I would often draw inspirations from the creative side,

allowing me fresh and and ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and perspectives.

Committing to work with you means believing in your mission and organization.

That, together, we can do good. I look forward to hearing more about your story—

and how I may support you in leaving your most important legacy.

Temple of Heaven Beijing Anna Suarin
Performing AQM Anna Suarin

Ready to rock n’ roll and


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Let’s start here.

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Arts fuel creativity and innovation.

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For more of my creative works, do check the Gallery or visit my Instagram page.

[About the images on this page (from top, except the profile picture): 1. Some of my favorite books include the writings of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero; 2. Temple of Heaven, Beijing, PRC; 3. my picture taken during a field work for an air quality monitoring program, Manila, Philippines; and 4. Berlin, Germany. Above (from top) 1. water lettuce /shell flower at the Fort San Pedro, Cebu; and 2. Dapitan City, Mindanano, Philippines.]

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