Anna Velas-Suarin

Site Reconstruction Notice

Hello, changemaker.

I’m enjoying this moment and space for some magical and creative playtime. Are you also co-creating right now? Always remember–you are infinite.

My cyber-home ( is currently under reconstruction so some of the functionalities may not work at this time. However, you may still stay a bit and enjoy some of my previous posts. Please do note that my previous domain (meilbox [dot] net) is no longer connected to me nor to this site (unless previous blog posts, authored by me, will still show in Google search).

Like the mandala art above? I would love to customize one for you (and infuse it with love and Reiki) and have it framed. The pricing will be posted in my Gallery page as soon as the revamp is done. (Please check it every now and then or send me an email).

You may reach me through naoren [at] duck [dot] com or my Instagram page.

UPDATE as of 11 February 2024: Except for minor or design issues, I am happy to share that I’m done with the reconstruction of this website. Thank you so much for waiting! I will appreciate it so much if you can let me know if there are techie issues that you might be experiencing.

Have a good life and please visit again soon!



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