Anna Velas-Suarin

The privilege of being a leader

Aga Muhlach’s latest interview which was posted in Facebook inspired me to write this blog.

As I posted in my Facebook –

Hubby and I were just recently discussing this thought – “Being a President is a huge privilege because you have that POWER to make meaningful changes. Why waste that once-in-a-lifetime chance? Not everyone can be President. Mrs. President, you have that POWER in your hands, why squander it? And to all our government leaders – please do not waste that once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a great IMPACT to the lives of the Filipino people! Stop corruption! Stop selfishness! Stop politicking!” Go, Aga, you just expressed the sentiments of many people!

And so Aga’s outpouring of frustration reflects how most of us must probably be feeling. We are all frustrated. Some may feel helplessness. Or resignation.

For how can we change the way things are going? How loud must our voices be in order to be heard? I am sure our President and government leaders have been hearing us loud and clear. Haven’t we shouted enough? Haven’t we written enough?

When will our so-called leaders really deserve the title “Leader”? May they not forget that the word carries a power so encompassing that it can make this country rise again. May they remember that they have that one chance to lead this country towards greatness! They have the privilege to touch many lives! They have the authority to make the laws work!

But what is happening? There is still a great divide. And this is happening not only in the Philippines. Wake up, collective. The powerful travel first-class and dine in fine restaurants while millions cannot even afford three square meals a day. They launder money instead of pouring them into the local economies. They receive kickbacks in government projects. They plaster their names on billboards and every space available. They pay millions of pesos on TV ads while poor nations’ disaster teams don’t even have enough rubber boats to save people during strong typhoons and floods. The list is endless.not

It saddens us because they have that ONE chance to make these countries/nations great again and yet, they are squandering their One chance. It saddens us because even if we shout on top of our voices, they don’t seem to be bothered anymore. They call for unity. They call for cooperation. But how can we even take their calls seriously if what we see are their corrupt practices, incompetence and lack of concern?

Wake up, Presidents and leaders of the world! Wake up, Senators and Congressmen! Wake up, Governors, Mayors, and local chieftains! Wake up, Cabinet Members! Wake up, appointed and promoted leaders in government! You have that CHANCE to make our nations rise again! You hold in your hands that very rare chance, in fact, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a genuine difference.

We, the collective, are reminding you of that great privilege in your hands. Please do not squander it.

The clock is ticking. Every minute wasted could be one more life lost, one more tree fallen, one more river dead.

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